Multimillionaire entrepreneur buys exclusive gin brand


The successful entrepreneur Alfie Best has just acquired a gin brand named Givinity. The well-known Romany Gypsy, owner of Wyldecrest Parks, keeps adding new businesses to his already vast portfolio which, among others, also includes the Vinyl Bar in London, the Wiltshire based pie company Eat Square, Best Park Home Finance and Wylde Events.

Alfie Best, who started his professional path totally from scratch at the age of just 14 years old and stepped into the mobile home industry back in 2001, owns now not only 46 residential and holiday parks across the country and a park home company valued at £200 million, but also an exclusive and luxurious gin company.

Created in Cambridgeshire, handcrafted using only the finest ingredients, this London dry gin, bottled in a cognac-style decanter printed with 11 carat precious gold, was launched in November 2015 and it’s only on offer in some of London’s most prestigious venues, from 5 star hotels and private members clubs to luxury retail stores and Michelin star restaurants. Only six weeks after its launch, the brand has secured exportation and presence in several European countries, including Spain, Germany and Italy.

“I’m really excited with this new investment. Givinity has already started conquer its place on the market and has accomplished so much in such a short period of time… the positive feedback I have from our exclusive customers is remarkable. But I truly believe that we can achieve so much more and turn this exclusive gin brand into something even more special”, Alfie Best says.

Alfie Givinity

On Wednesday, 23rd March, between 8pm and 1am, the Vinyl Bar in London will be the stage for a very special party that will officially announce and celebrate Alfie Best as a new owner of Givinity.

Givinity would like to invite you to be part of this event too!


Eat Square Pies – Special Offer

eat square launch

Wyldecrest Parks’ Chairman has just invested into Eat Square, a local pie company based in Wiltshire. Alfie Best has acquired 40% of this food business founded by Alex Joll in October 2014.

The Eat Square founder got his passion (and his recipes!) from his grandmother. From the company’s kitchen at Woolley Grange Farm, just outside Bradford-on-Avon, they source products and ingredients locally for their traditional and tasty fillings and they’re able to make many thousands of pies all by hand. And with the company’s brand new range of Vegan, Dairy & Gluten Free options, there’s certainly a pie for everyone! All the varieties can be found locally, in shops, markets and pubs, and a new online ordering service is now in place too.


Especially for you!

Eat Square is offering to all our Wyldecrest Parks’ readers Free Next Day Delivery in all online orders!

Visit Eat Square Pie Shop on, choose your favourite pies and enter the code BESTPIES at the online checkout!

The code can be used multiple times and can be shared with friends or given as a gift – as can the pies!!!