Success at 60 plus

Jane 60plus

And that’s it! The time has finally come! We’re unveiling some of the most desired secrets on how to be successful…after 60!

Success at Sixty + : 7 swift stops to your Superlife” dares you to banish limiting beliefs, to dream, to live well and large – to score all your goals as a Superlifer. Our editorial team went to meet the woman behind the book.


Nurse, complementary therapist and author, Jane Aireton, 67, always lived her life in 3D Technicolor and passionately wanted to empower and inspire, she says. And now she’s precisely doing that, writing to empower and inspire the 60+ age group.

“All my life I have written for myself and now I have the opportunity to share my thoughts with others”, she explains. “For the last 15 years I’ve been a full time carer for my elderly relatives. If I had had the chance to read “Success at 60 Plus” when I was a carer it would have made a huge difference to me. I could have looked beyond my situation instead of getting bogged down by it”.

In her book, success is all about being happy and fulfilled. “It is a self-help work book or, as I would like to define it, a superlifer log to success”, Jane states.

She now has not only her own book, but also her very own blog. Straight from the Channel Island of Alderney to the rest of the world! And she absolutely loves it, she guarantees. Amongst many other things, Jane blogs about some people or some things that have inspired her in a certain way. “It could be an animal sanctuary, dolphins, a couple who get married in their eighties or an elite runner from New Zealand…there’s so much inspiration out there if you start to look for it”, she guarantees.

Jane has no doubt that these new ventures have changed her life. “For me, writing a book, having a website, blogging, facebooking and twittering have opened up a huge new world of lovely people. To live on a tiny island is awesome but to connect with other like-minded people all over the world has completely changed my life”.

But…what does Success at 60 plus really mean, after all? (We’re all wondering that right?!). “Success at 60 plus is about rebranding and achieving the very best in our age group. We’re not middle aged, we’re not old, we are not grannies or greys or pensioners or even new 40’s (and we’re definitely not recycled!) – we are Superlifers in our own right”, Jane states. And there’s not much more left to say. Jane’s definition of success is all about rediscovering your talents, achieving your potential, doing what you do best and not dancing to someone else’s tune.

Her piece of advice for all of you? (Yes, we haven’t forgotten that bit either!) “Read my book, follow my blog and live your life to the full!”

Visit so you do not miss out on any of Jane’s ventures and inspirational stories!

This article is part of WyldeLiving Magazine – Spring Edition 2016. To read the full magazine click here.


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