Pamper with a purpose!

How does a pampering Spa experience with a relaxing foot massage, some Jasmine tea, candles and music sound? Wyldecrest Parks…

What’s not to like?

Location: good,  View: good, Lifestyle: good, Home: good, Friends: good Can’t agree with this statement more, and couldn’t say it better! So with the river Trent flowing literally outside…

Are the homes claustrophobic?

CLAUSTROPHOBIC not really!! What is the top fear for someone moving into a park home from their existing houses/ apartments?…

A home by the river

A couple who is as cheerful as the river which flows next to their homes- presenting Gina and Neil Patchett! They…

Brexit is around the corner

For British expats looking to return home to the UK, there are a lot of things to consider. We at Wyldecrest can help you sell your properties and facilitate a smooth move back to the UK.

Moving into a new park home

18 September 2018 Over the weekend, we had a charming couple, Gloria and Geoffrey Thomas, move into their new home in our…

UK’s housing crisis: are mobile home parks an answer?

The UK is knee-deep in a housing crisis, and many of us know that. Even though there are a number of reasons which are contributing to this situation, the main reason is simple and obvious- we don’t have enough affordable homes to meet the growing demand.
For a growing number of people who would like to live in modern but manageable homes and enjoy the perks of being part of a healthy community too- park homes sound like a very exciting option.
But can quality and affordable social housing be achieved together?

Residential parks - the way retired life should be

Park Home living! A slice of traditional England

Most of the time in urban Britain today, we rarely have any contact with people – our neighbours and even our families. Life is generally passing us by at a lightning speed and the younger generation have embraced this lifestyle with open arms.

In such times, it’s not strange to yearn for a community spirit – a sense of belonging. There was a time when the British society had an eternal charm and etiquette, a sense of peace, a sense of calmness. And strangely, though British customs and traditions are famous all over the world, we are sometimes losing touch with them here at home